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  • Why Companies are Adopting Subscription Billing Models

  • Why Companies are Adopting Subscription Billing Models

    Predictability: When you have subscribers, you can plan what your business needs in the future.

    Eliminate Seasonality: Many businesses suffer through seasonal highs and lows. In fact, a whopping thirty percent of a typical flower store’s revenue comes on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day–ultimately leaving them to scramble and make a sale in November.

    Improved Valuation: Recurring revenue boosts the value of your business. Whereas most small companies trade on a multiple of profit, subscription-based businesses often trade on a similar multiple of revenue.

    The Trojan Horse Effect: Once you subscribe to a service, you become much more likely to buy other things from the same company. Think Amazon.

    The Sale That Keeps On Giving: Unlike the transaction business model where you have to stimulate demand through advertising to get customers to buy, with a subscription based model, you sell one subscription and it keeps giving month after month.

    Data & Market Research: When you get a customer to subscribe, you can start to see their spending and consumption habits. This data is the ultimate in market research. It’s how Netflix knows which new shows to produce and which to kibosh.